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Now that you've gotten to know me, let me tell you a bit about my interests. I love reading, and my favorite author is Terry Pratchett. His Discworld series is hilarious! I also love Piers Anthony's books, the Blue Adept series and the Xanth series in particular. As a dragon lover, I find Anne McAffrey's Pern novels delightful. I am also a Harry Potter fan. I haven't seen such a well written children's book since Rats of Nimh.


As someone who loves to read and loves art, I naturally fell into comic books. I liked the X-books, but they are very light and not much the type of thing I can really get drawn into. When I read a book I like to feel it has a real story to it, one that is leading up to something, and has a definate conclusion. So far the only comic book I have found that's really made me happy is The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. This is a wonderful storyline that is somehow fantasy and reality at the same time. I often bfly!! suggest it to people who like old myths and folklore, like Homer and Sophocles, the brothers Grimm, etc. Gaiman often makes references to these, such as the Greek Eumenedies (sp?) in The Kindly Ones, and Shakespeare too. I read and loved The Sandman before I'd ever read any Greek myths, but after reading them I reread The Sandman and liked them even more than ever.



A few other stories that may appeal to comic book readers who are looking for something out of the "superhero" genre are Strangers In Paradise, ElfQuest, and Dream Walker. Strangers in Paridise is a bit of an opposite of Sandman; where Sandman offers realistic stories in a magic setting, Strangers in Paridise offers unrealistic events in real life setting, much like Seinfeld, except dramatic rather than an attempt at comedy. It's entertaining as idle reading but far less involving than Sandman.


I also love a Japanese comic book (manga) called Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. Unlike the other comic books I have listed, this one is a comedic story. I will put more on it when I've had a chance to do some scans and stuff.

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