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hummer Welcome to my art page. Okay, so none of my art will be hanging in any galleries, but I love painting, drawing, and many other forms of art, so I thought I'd put a few of my pictures on my site.

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Journal of a Rat


This is a painting I did of my sister as a vampire for Halloween. I did her at two different angles on the same piece of paper. By the way, her eyes really were red; the light reflected to cause that effect.


Etch art hummingbird. Messy work. Haven't done any for a while.

This was a sketch I did from a photo a couple years ago of a kid in the school I was attending at the time. I liked the photo because that he was just hanging out. I generally dislike posed photos.

This was something I drew a long time ago, I think it was based on a photo of someone, and I fiddled with it and changed her outfit and stuff, but I can't remember for sure what I did because it's been a long time and I don't still have the photo, but it's not like original work from my head or anything. I just wanted to point that out so I wouldn't be ripping off the photographer or something.


fox fox2 fox3
David Duchovny, why won't you love me?? *sigh* I drew these in '96 or '97. Can't remember. I had fun with his tie.


This was an original drawing I did, fan art, of Sandman's character, Death. My favorite character from Sandman is Delirium, though, and I have done a lot of pictures of her, some of which I've scanned and posted on this page.

delirium, delirium2, delirium3


These are three pictures of The Sandman's character, Delirium. The first was a doodle I drew while babysitting. Emily (the girl I was watching who was 5 at the time) helped me draw. The abstract pictures she made were very Deliriumesque, and I'm especially fond of this joint work. The second picture is a watercolour, which I made after the picture listed third. I reused the design for her hair for the second picture. Although Delirium is drawn differently more than any of the other characters, I always saw her as a confused little kid. The third picture is an inside joke between me and fellow "Ears With Feet". It's my notion of where Tori gets her ideas. Anyone who gets this wins a little swan made of ice, and a toffee... and a tongue-stud. And a word that means red or green at the same time. ;)

Hmm... well, I discovered that frosting isn't a medium I'm terribly interested in working with again. Anyway, I had (messy) fun while decorating my Sandman birthday cake. Death is in the center, Morpheus is upper right, and Nuala is upper left.


This was another picture I doodled while babysitting. It's one of the less professional of my many unprofessional pictures. :) It didn't scan very well, so it's kind of fuzzy. Emily helped me draw some of the faeries. That little green lump at the bottom is trying to be a dragon.

All the following are links to pictures that I redrew because I needed practice in various mediums (there are some in watercolor, pen, pastels, and markers). None of it is original art. I was just happy that I managed to actually finish the pictures without getting too frusterated and giving up. The first one, "ember" (from Wendy Pini's "ElfQuest") was originally a black and white, which I redrew and colorized.

ember, superboy, delirium, delirium, delirium, delirium as fish, nuala, human torch, chamber, superboy, superboy, supergirl, Scott & Jean (X-Men), The Crow, Shi, Susan (Black Orchid), Aardwolv, Bliss, M, ?, Robin, Morpheus ("Sandman" etch art)

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