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One thing I have had a lifelong passion for is music. I've dabbled with art quite a bit too, but something about music just pulls at me. For a long time I wanted to be a musician and, though I would still love to, I have chosen to pursue a career as an environmental business consultant instead.

I have to hunt around to find it, but soon I will find a picture of my beloved wurlitzer piano. Growing up my Wurly was my best friend. It was the one thing I knew would always be there for me. Now that I'm living in Keene I miss my Wurly terribly. I considered getting a piano but even if I could afford one, now that I live in an apartment complex I would disturb the neighbors. I considered getting one of those electric ones but, well, if you play piano, you'll understand. It's like accepting vanilla ice cream as a substitute for chocolate. It's just not the same.


In addition to playing the piano, I love to sing. I tried learning the flute when I was younger but I got dizzy, and I learned a bit of guitar but it doesn't speak to me like pianos do. Ironically piano is one of the few instruments that I actually don't really like listening to when I listen to classical music. It's the instruments that I can't play that take my breath away.



If you like the piano too, you may enjoy music by my favorite singer, Tori Amos. I'm considered a bit of a latecomer by most of her fans, since I hadn't even heard of her until 1996 when Neil Gaiman (author of the wonderful Sandman comic books) mentioned her in the back of one of his books. I figured if Neil liked her I would give her a chance, even if she was named Tori, which at the time I associated with the ever-so-annoying Tori Spelling. I listened to Little Earthquakes and was in love. I cannot now imagine my life without her music. One of my favorite past-times is listening to the first three Tori albums while re-reading old Sandman comics. Visit Footfalls, my site dedicated to Tori. bfly!!

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