It's My Incredible, Edible Road Toad,




Well, maybe not exactly edible, but it rhymed. I don't know Lucky's age, or if he has any family, but my aunt found him, abandoned by the side of the road, and gave him to me. Road toads are difficult to take care of. They need constant attention, and they are slow learners. Plus, unlike most frogs and toads, this species does not swim well.

If you are considering adopting a road toad, a good source I know of is Highway 6. They are well behaved pets, but not very playful. You do not need a cage for them, unless you have a dog or something that is trying to get it, then you might want one to keep it safe.

If you are considering becoming a breeder, I advise you against it. There are so many of these created by accident that breeders are not necessary, and often looked upon disfavorably.

Before anyone writes really nasty flames, let me point out this is just a joke, and I warned you before you came to this page. I would never voluntarily hurt an animal, and most of the people who will probably flame me anyway despite my warning and this being a joke are most likely complete hypocrites unless they are complete vegetarians (i.e. not eating anything whatsoever that comes from an animal). It's not like I hurt the animal - I just scanned it after my aunt handed it to me. I guess a sick sense of humor runs in the family. *grins*