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Welcome to "Free The Children!", my homeschooling page. I am no longer a homeschooler, as I am now in college, but I still believe in independent learning and continue to learn on my own time outside of school.

In my three years of independent learning, I've discovered that (1) with proper motivation and desire, one can learn far more on one's own than in a public compulsory school system, and (2) that when you homeschool, it can be difficult to find the resources you need to learn what you want. Not that it was an easier learning with teacher telling me to stop wasting my time learning what will be important in my future and memorize the exact date, down to the day, that some tariff that was removed two years later was passed.


Since it was so difficult for me to get adjusted to being allowed to think for myself, for a long time I had difficulty finding the knowledge I was looking for, I thought it might help others to make a page with links to learning resources so others would have to go through less frustration.

The best book I've found on homeschooling is called "The Teenage Liberation Handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education." by Grace Llewellyn (a former teacher). It offers a lot of advice on finding the information you need, legalities, meeting other homeschoolers, different ways for homeschoolers to learn, apprenticeships, etc.

If you know of any good homeschooling resources please let me know the URL so I can add it to my site.

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