My Friends


Blue Sage is my aunt, Gina's, page. She has info about her horses in her Blue Sage Stables, color changing tee shirts (they're really cool!) her many animals, and more.

Erin's Unicorn Cave. Erin is one of my oldest friends. I've known her since she was baby. She's very kind, and very smart, and has a great love for animals, especially horses. I designed this page, which was fun because she had some very funny, as well informative, contents in it.

My Uncle, Don, has a page called TechnoPSYCH. He is a school counceller, and has a lot of information about Psychology, plus he has some other interesting things on his page.

Agravain is a friend from Ultima Online. He was in the same guild as my character Juniper for a long time, 'til I left FoL and joined FnX (Fenix Legion).

I'll be adding more links soon, as I get URLs from more of my friends who have pages.


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